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Let's start collecting accounts today. Let our experts speed up the process and help you recover what's owed. Our Clients only pay for results, since our collection fees are contingent on what we collect for you.

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Commercial Debt Collection, Business Analysis, Litigation Support

Collections, Investigations, Receivables Management, Legal Forwarding, Assets Recovery - These are just some of the many business resource services offered by Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. Although our firm is licensed as a Collection Agency, we are much more than just a typical collection agency. Established in 2000, CIB is a global business resource leader specializing in commercial debt collection, collections litigation, asset & liability investigations and detailed financial analysis.

  • Do you have delinquent customers who won't return your calls?
  • Are your customers putting you at the bottom of their priority lists?
  • Looking over a discouraging aging report with many potential write-offs?
  • What about those large balances that encompass the majority of your company's bad debt?
  • Tired of collection agencies that just duplicate your efforts?

We're here to help! This is not your usual collection agency that simply processes placements at rapid pace via auto-dialers. Each assignment is handled differently based on the unique characteristics of the case.

The result of our approach is quite frequently prompt, payment in full. The power of our network gives us the information necessary to negotiate your best possible payment arrangement; and our Litigation Management Division has unlimited resources to implement legal action when warranted.

We are confident that CIB can design a unique program to complement your company's existing procedures. We greatly cherish our client relationships, and we're constantly searching for ways to exceed your expectations.

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